Get a free trial

2019.12.25 21:03:32

    You can get the trial service free of charge with customer service assistance, try consulting [customer service] (link to the official website QQ)

    1.Register Yidun account (use email to register)Register Now .

    2.Create a product (create a product that needs to be served, fill in the product name, contact ways, package name, etc.).

    3.Apply for a free trial, wait for the audit (customer service staff will contact you, the audit time is about 1 working day).

    4.If you pass the audit, you can obtain AppKey, download reinforcement tool (support reinforce game with tool or in command line ).Just fill in Appkey and upload APP to reinforced.

    5.The reinforcement is successful, and the reinforced APK file can be downloaded.

    Online Chat Tel:95163223 Free trial