About Functions

  • Which engine the protect support?

All types of game engine are supported, including Unity3d\cocos2d\UE4\neox\libgdx etc.

  • How about game compatibility after protection?

Yidun used the all native-level protection, avoiding the Android Fragment. The compatibility and security-level is better than dex-level protection.

  • Does the protection effect the performance of the games?

The protection is implemented on the so level. The impact on the game performance is small, the CPU usage increases by 0.5% to 1%, the memory usage increases by 1 to 3M, the startup time increases within 150ms, and the installation package volume increases within 3M.

  • Can you detect the acceleration in emulator like BlueStacks?

Yes, we can detect acceleration both in emulator and in mobile phone. Moreover, our detection is versatile, it's valid for all the known and unknown acceleration tools.

  • Do you only scan the process to detect modification?

We detect the memory hack by detecting the behavior of modifying memory. Once the behavior is detected, we will force the game to quit. Our protection has great compatibility and versatility. It's valid for all the known and unknown modification tools.

  • Does the apk need to be signed again after protection.

You need to sign your apk again. And there is an auto-sign tool integrated in our process jar. You can use it according to the instructions.

About Integration

  • Does the protection has bad impact on releasing games in any channels?

Some game channels need to put their sdk into games and modify the dex in the application. If we pack the dex files , the game channels will be unable to modify them. Only under this circumstance will the release on the channel be impacted. But, in default, we won't process the dex file so that you don't need to worry.

  • How much time does the protection process spend?

It depends on the speed of network. The process is usually fast -about 2 minutes. We only update the files need to be encrypted of which the size is about 20-30 MB. It will spend 5 minutes in average speed of network.

About Unity3d Games

  • Does the protection only support encryption of Assemble-CSharp-firstpass.dll and Assemble-CSharp.dll these two dll?

Our protection supports any DLL scripts, just configure these scripts in the file "config.ini".

  • Can the protection encrypt the dll scripts again if the dll scripts have been encrypted?

The protection can not support these files that have already been encrypted. Please use the dll that have not been encrypted.

  • Does the encryption of assetbundle in unity3d influence the speed of loading games?

Tiny influence. The decryption use the native-c level function with high effectiveness--The decryption time of single file is shorter than 2 millisecond.

About Protection Failure

If the program ends with error like

"[I] apk protect failed!For more details,please check log file".

Please go to the directory where NHPProtect.jar is located, find the LOG folder. Open the log inside, which is the latest txt file. There will be an error code, you can find the specific error reason according to the following error code.

  • Error Code 107 indicates that the dll has already been encrypted. Please do not protect the files again.
  • Error Code 204 indicates that you specify the so file to be protected. It's okay to just specify appkey and there is no need to specify so file .
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